Do Mobile Detailers Use Your Water Supply?

July 3, 2024 by Sam Schlem

Do Mobile Detailers Use Your Water?

You just scheduled a mobile detail, and they’re coming to you. That begs the question, are they going to use my water? The answer depends, so let’s dive deeper.

Do Mobile Detailers Need to Use My Water?

Many mobile detailers prefer to use the client's water supply for convenience and efficiency. A quick way to check is to look at some of the pictures on their website or Google to see if they are using a water tank. If they are not, most likely they will ask to use your water.

Why Should They Use My Water?

Efficiency: Using your water supply allows detailers to avoid carrying heavy water tanks, making their setup quicker and more flexible and the pricing more affordable for you..

Common Practice: Most detailers have found that clients do not mind providing water. One detailer with over 300 clients reported no complaints about using the client's water and electricity.

Rural vs. City Areas: In rural areas, where many homes have well water, clients are usually more accommodating. For city dwellers with metered water, detailers might opt for waterless wash methods to minimize water usage and avoid increasing your water bill.

Situations Where Detailers Bring Their Own Water

In some cases, detailers might bring their own water, especially if:

  • Multiple Vehicles: They are detailing multiple vehicles in one day and need a consistent water supply.
  • Remote Locations: They are working in areas without easy access to water, such as business parking lots or remote properties.
  • Client Preference: You prefer not to use your own water supply, or your home does not have an outdoor water spigot.

What Should You Expect?

Clear Communication: Before your appointment, your detailer will typically discuss whether they need to use your water and electricity. This ensures there are no surprises on the day of service.

Minimal Impact: The amount of water used for detailing is generally minimal and should not significantly impact your water bill.

In Conclusion

Using the client's water is a common practice in mobile detailing. It offers flexibility and efficiency for detailers while providing convenience for customers. If you have any concerns about water usage, feel free to discuss them with your mobile detailer ahead of time. They can explain their process and accommodate your preferences to ensure a smooth and satisfactory detailing experience.

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