What are the 8 Signs that Your Car Needs a Tuneup?

June 20, 2024 by Sam Schlemmer

Routine Inspection is Important

Whether you just bought your dream car or you're still driving your grandma's car, it's essential to take old sally for a checkup from time to time. Just like an apple a day keeps the doc away, proper maintenance and routine inspections will keep the breakdowns away, insuring your vehicle is operating safely and efficiently.

So if you're driving and one of these 8 warning signs manifests itself, take your car in immediately. It is more costly to delay, and rack up thousands in damages, then to get your car looked at.

The 8 Signs Your Car NEEDS a Tuneup

Sign 1: Dashboard Lights Turn On

You're driving down the road, everything is going great when all of a sudden, your dashboard lights up like a christmas tree. This is your cars way of letting you know that something is wrong, don't ignore it! Look up what the light means and if its something that needs attention, get a tuneup!

Sign 2: Spooky Unusual Noises

You know your car, you also know what sounds it usually makes. If you notice something different that usually means trouble. In order to identify what the problem is, it is best to take your car in for a tuneup before it develops into something worse.

Sign 3: You Stall Out

Stalling happens when your engine dies, and it can be a scary and dangerous experience. There are many reasons your car could stall including a fauly fuel pumps, ignition issues, a dead battery, and more. These are all serious issues that need to be taken care of ASAP.

Sign 4: Terrible Fuel Mileage

We all like to stretch our cars as far as we can, getting the best bang for our buck in gas mileage. You know your car, and you know much gas that thing can guzzle, once you've gotten to know your car well enough you can consistently guess your mileage. If you realize that something has changed, and your car is eating more gas than it used to, it’s worth bringing it in for a thorough check and car tune-up. There most likely are underlying problems contributing to the efficiency decrease.

Sign 5: Car is Slow To Speed Up

Have you noticed a little less pep in your car’s performance? Is it taking longer to respond when the light turns green? A car that accelerates slowly often indicates a problem that has gradually developed over time. These subtle changes can go unnoticed until they culminate in a significant issue. Slow acceleration can pose risks, especially when you need to quickly increase your speed, such as when climbing hills or merging onto a highway.

Sign 6: There are Unusual Vibrations

When driving over rough roads, you can feel every bump through your steering wheel and the car's frame—a sensation that's certainly unpleasant but normal, as it’s your car reacting to the uneven surface. However, if your car starts vibrating on a smooth, paved road, that's a red flag indicating an internal problem. Whether the vibrations occur at specific speeds, are felt in the steering wheel, or seem to shake the entire car, it's a clear sign that you need to come see us.

Sign 7: Brakes Grind

Think of grinding brakes as your car's cry for help. Ignoring this warning puts your vehicle—and everyone in it—at risk. Instead, bring your car to one of our body shops for a thorough inspection. Our expert team will diagnose and repair the issue, whether it's due to worn brake pads, damaged rotor discs, or another cause.

Sign 8: Car Overheats

Imagine this dreaded scenario: Your car is packed for a trip to the cottage, but shortly after you start driving, it begins to overheat. Suddenly, your vacation mode switches to calling for an emergency tow. Prevent this from happening to you by scheduling regular tune-ups. These check-ups can identify issues that cause overheating, such as a faulty thermostat, coolant problems, or a malfunctioning radiator or water pump.

In times of rising costs, staying informed and proactive is essential. By understanding the influencing factors and making strategic adjustments, you can better navigate financial challenges and continue to enjoy your life in Frisco, TX.

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